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At brandeon, we know that launching a brand takes a thorough understanding of the business. Everything from why you’re starting, to what makes you different and where you want to go should be taken into account when deciding on a direction for your brand. Whatever your project, we have the expertise to launch it into the world. But first things first: let’s have a chat.

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Getting branding right

How do I start a new brand?

The brand is the connection between your customers and your business so establishing a solid business plan is essential before launching into branding. The process of writing a business plan, ideally on something more substantial than the back of a napkin, brings clarity to how your business intends to solve a problem for customers in an existing or emerging market. Whilst we don’t expect you to have it all figured out, it’s important that you do your homework so that there’s some structure- products, processes, prices, people, plans- to work with when the branding specialists come to the party.

The other key part of starting a new business is that you need to spend money to make money- branding is no exception. Whilst I’m sure your uncle’s colleague’s daughter’s boyfriend knows his way around photoshop, there’s more to a brand than just a logo. We’re not saying you should blow your entire life savings on all the bells and whistles from the get-go but there’s a lot to be said for ‘buy once, buy well. Whilst it can feel daunting to hand over your hard-earned cash before seeing a penny back, consider it your investment to build the foundations of your business that will make that money back plus more.

What is the branding process?

Before we even consider what the business might look like, it’s important to get your ducks in a row with a solid business plan. It’s only once we’ve got a clear understanding of your competitors, target audience and product or services can we establish your ‘strategic positioning’ i.e. how your business fills a gap in the market- say hello to your brand strategy.

The brand strategy sets the scene of brand personality and tone of voice that is brought to life with the visual identity design. The verbal and the visual identity come together as a cohesive brand concept before it’s time to refine and roll out across a suite of brand touchpoints. This step varies depending on your business needs but can include anything from website, packaging and print materials as well as photography, social media content creation, marketing strategy, copywriting- you name it. Pulling all the assets together, it’s all about execution with a well-planned brand launch to bring your business into the world.

How do you create a unique brand?

Creating a unique brand is all about articulating what makes you different from the rest of the bunch. Whether it’s superior product quality or an exceptional digital experience, it’s important that you articulate your unique selling point to demonstrate that you can offer something no one else can. But even in flooded markets, with multiple companies selling virtually the same product at a similar price point, there is a lot to be said for a consistent brand experience to help you outperform the lot. Whether it’s epic customer service skills like a silky smooth returns and refund process or a personalised thank you note dropped in their online order, there’s also a lot to be said for a memorable brand personality. Consistent brand graphics are an absolute must-have but never underestimate the power of some witty, wordsmithed copy and injection of personality to take your brand experience to the next level.

What makes a successful brand?

The mark of a successful brand is one that attracts customers, communicates a clear value proposition and turns a prospect into a sale. Sounds simple enough right? Well sure, it’s not rocket science but the one place that new brands often fall down is communicating with consistency. And we don’t mean just “posting on Instagram every day”; consistency is more than just frequency. We’re talking coherent messaging, on-brand visuals and unwavering attention to detail. Now that you’ve got all the plates spinning, you’ve got to maintain focus to keep them spinning to prove that you’re more than just a slick up and comer and you’re here to say. Building up rapport is one thing- keeping it is another. Set your brand standards high and stick to them by consistently communicating and delivering value to your customers and your customers will reward you right back.

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