It’s about Branding, not Blending…

Brandeon is just as our name suggests.

We build brands that stand the test of time.


When you’re setting up a new brand there are many areas that require professional attention:


Brand Strategy

Shaped your company’s overall business goals and provides SMART objectives.


Brand Identity

Your logo and use of graphics, fonts, colours, etc


Brand Photography

Design and create the photos you need to build your Personal Brand and position you as an authority in your market.


Brand Content

Focus on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your targeted audience.


Brand Marketing

Online marketing, including website and online sales or distribution.

Underpinning all that, you need a great strategy. That’s our job. We make the job of exploring, finding, creating and then sharing your brand with the world easier.

…some of the brands we have worked with…

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What’s so special about branding?

Your brand is your entire company personality and it’s critical that it’s on point and tells the world who you are.

What are your customers saying when you’re not in the room?

Is it time to change the conversation?

As Jeff Bezos put it:

“Your brand is what they say about you when you’re not in the room. Your brand underpins your success and you owe it to your company to get it right.”

It's a Evolution

“Our brand has literally been a evolution for our business and sales.”

– Rochelle Lagoa – Director of Commercial Sales

Evolution Fitness

Feeling Good

“The feedback towards my new branding has been amazing.”

– Denise Mokadsi – FeelGood Coach

Right on Brief

“I love my branding, right on brief and so vibrant, it’s so me.”

– Karine O’Donnell

Developing a clear understanding of the problems you solve for people and identifying your solutions involves a strategic process in branding.

Problem - Cracking the Branding Code- Discovering the Problems Your Brand Can Solve

Problem - Cracking the Branding Code- Discovering the Problems Your Brand Can SolveDownload a copy of
“Cracking the Branding Code”

Get a step-by-step approach to help you with this.