Brand Guardianship

Managing your brand alone can be hard work.

Thats where our Brand Guardians come into play. We work with you to establish, maintain and amplify your brand. Brand Guardianship involves the ongoing and strategic management of a brand’s identity, values, and reputation.

It goes beyond mere oversight, encompassing the active protection and promotion of a brand’s distinctiveness in the minds of consumers. This practice entails consistently upholding the brand’s visual elements, messaging, and core ethos across all touchpoints, ensuring a coherent and resonant brand experience.

Brand Guardianship also involves adapting to changing market dynamics, maintaining relevance, and making informed decisions that reinforce the brand’s equity. By assuming the role of a custodian, Brand Guardianship fosters long-term brand loyalty and strengthens the emotional connection between the brand and its audience.

Are you not getting results from your brand marketing?

No Plan?

You don’t have a plan or specific goals to achieve your targets.

Marketing spend out of control

Your brand marketing seems to be eating up too much time and money

Confidence not there?

You’re not confident about doing the branding and marketing.

Not Enough Sales?

You’re not getting enough qualified leads and high-end sales

Website not effective

Your website isn’t bringing in sales or helping you close deals

Target Audience not clear

Customers aren’t clear about what you do or how you can help them.

Your time, money and energy shouldn’t be wasted.

Instead of continuing to slug it out and hoping for the best, get an branding expert on your side and start amplifying your brand.

Is there a way to improve your brand marketing and get more high-end clients?

As business owners, we all know the immense value the right advice can bring to our business. Building your brand so that it attracts the right high-end clients takes an branding expert who lives and breathes branding, literally. Our Brand Guardianship isn’t about ticking the boxes or using a cookie approach. It’s tailored, results-driven, and makes your business so much easier.

We developed Brand Guardianship because branding is an obsession, and so too, is helping you to amplify your brand.

How it works

We have made Brand Guardianship as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Brand Discovery Call

Let us better understand your business and assess the state of your brand, your goals and where your brand needs to be.

Select the Program for you

One size never fits all. Together we determine the best program to meet your goals and put the plan in place.

Onboarding and coaching!

We then implement this plan and meet regularly with your assigned Brand Guardian to stay focused on amplifying your brand.

Meet Your Brand Guardians

Chris Dobbin

Chris Dobbin is a well-regarded branding expert based in Australia. He has over two decades of experience in the branding industry and has established himself as a visionary leader in the field of brand strategy, development, and design.

Simão Lagoá

Simão Lagoá

Simão Lagoá is a talented and experienced graphic designer and entrepreneur. With a passion for creating stunning visual identities and branding solutions, Simao has built a reputation as a leading designer in the industry.

Is it time for you to rise to the top?

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